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BB LAB – Enjoy a new Retail experience

[introsec title="BB LAB" sub="Corporate, Commercials"] - Enjoy a new Retail experience by Formes & Sculptures - Directed by Fabrice PIERRE Produced by Murielle Thierrin / Aldabra films Client:  Formes & Sculptures Agency:  The VM Factory Film "BBLAB" [videopl photo="703" link=""] Password: bblab

neuflize obc

[introsec title="Neuflize OBC - 20 years anniversary of the collection" sub="Corporate film"] Corporate Film for Banque NEUFLIZE OBC (1min30’’) 20 years Exhibit – photographic patronage Agency : Takepart média Wattson Production. [videopl photo="519" link=""] (Eng) At the beginning of 1997, Banque Neuflize OBC launched a collection of works, photographs and [...]

serge lutens vr 360°

[introsec title="Serge Lutens - essence of creation création" sub="branding, VR 360°"] Shiseido - Serge Lutens - 360° VR (2min30) Agency South Pigalle Wattson production Best watch with VR 360° equipment. [videopl photo="525" link=""] UNE IMMERSION VISUELLE, AUDITIVE, ET OLFACTIVE TOTALE ELLE, le 7 décembre 2016 Le royaume virtuel de Serge [...]

danone light&free

[introsec title="danone - light & free" sub="Commercial, 3 films"] Danone (x3) Yogourt recipes Light & Free Agency: VERSUS Production: Wattson Production [videopl photo="490" link=""] [videopl photo="488" link=""] [videopl photo="489" link=""]