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Au Cœur de la Lumière – Divali

[introsec title="AU COEUR DE LA LUMIERE" sub="Documentary, TV magazine"] SYNOPSIS (Eng) In the heart of the Light", is a magazine-documentary which is taking the form of a spiritual, anthropological, and historical journey to the heart of Hinduism in the French overseas. It plunges us into the Dipavali, the celebration of lights, [...]

lost souls

[introsec title="Lost Souls" sub="Fiction, Short"] SYNOPSIS (Eng) Every night, Danny a divorced former Police officer who suffers from severe depression drives endlessly around the city picking up customers. For years, he has been listening to their backseat cab confessions. But as time evolves, slowly but surely his feeling of hope [...]

600kg making of

[introsec title="600 kg making of" sub="Fiction, behind the scene"] Director: Fabrice PIERRE Date of création: 2010 Genre: Documentary – 26 min SYNOPSIS: (Eng) This documentary takes you behind the scenes of Eric Besnard’s film. Through the interviews, we follow the course of a project that takes shape around “the story [...]

le gardien

[introsec title="le gardien" sub="Fiction, Short"] SYNOPSIS (Eng) An old man living like an hermit has his daughter and grand-daughter visiting him. For his grand-daughter, Mahalia, it’s always the occasion to seat and listen to her grandfather’s stories while her mother is cleaning. (Fr) Un vieil homme vivant comme un ermite [...]


[introsec title="tremens" sub="Fiction, Short"] SYNOPSIS (Eng) VERON Jean-François is released from prison after serving a long sentence for a burglary that went wrong. Today, he is a repentant man who is determined to rebuild his life. But when he goes to a bank to withdraw all his savings, a young man [...]