SHORT FEATURE – COLOR – French – 35 mm Sci-Fi Drama – Shoot in the FWI and PARIS

SYNOPSIS: An old man, living as a hermit, sees his daughter and little daughter visiting him. For his little daughter, Mahalia, it is always an opportunity to sit, while his mother tidies up the house, to listen to the fantastic stories told by his grandfather.

FILM SELECTION: Prix du scénario HOHOA – Semaine de la critique 2004 – Critics Week Cannes film festival 2006 – FEMI Film festival Guadeloupe 2007 – CINAMAZONIA film festival Guyane 2007 – Vue d’Afrique Montréal Film Festival 2010 – Awarded at Sarlat Film festival 2006 – Awarded at Saint-Barth Film festival 2007 « prix spécial du jury ». Cuba Film Festival « Muestra Itinerante de Cine del Caribe » en 2011.