Short film TREMENS

SYNOPSIS: VERON Jean-François is released from jail after serving a long sentence for a burglary that went wrong. Today, he is a repentant man who is determined to start over with his life. But when he goes to a bank to withdraw all his savings, a young man enters the agency with a gun. VERON will then try to intervene, to prevent him from committing the irreparable.

Super 16 mm / Color (drama) 11’  – Messina Films.

Producers: Laure Provost, Samuel Amar, Sylvestre Guarino & Claire Barreau

Executive producers: Patrick Eyoum, Raphaël Maingourd

Produced by Fokal Productions and SENO FILM.

DOP: Antoine Marteau, Editing: David Poucet, Music by Daniel Treppy

Cast: Philippe CALODAT, Jean-Luc STANISLAS and Bernard BASTARAUD.

Film sélection: Festival du film CMAC, Martinique (2005) – Festival Regards Ultramarins, Paris (2004) – Festival Noir Tout couleurs, Guadeloupe 2003